Board Meeting Agenda

April 19, 2018

1. Call to order and declaration of quorum

2. Discussion/possible action to approve January minutes, and March
   Special Meeting minutes.

3. Review Town Report (State Aid, County Sales Tax, LaMunyon Funds)

4. Discussion and review of written Petty Cash Report

5. Discussion and possible action to approve a volunteer to attend
   May, June and July Town Board Meetings.

6. Items for discussion and possible vote
   a. Discussion and possible vote on any expenditures to be made with 
      fundraiser proceeds.
   b. Discussion and possible vote on accepting resignations of Amy Martinez
      and Catharine Thomas from Library Board.
7. Open Discussion: items to be added to July agenda, possible new board 

8. Adjournment

 Posted by Kathy Summars this day, 18th of April, 2018